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Evolve into a digital agency of the new breed

We’re in the golden age of boutique digital agencies. We see them innovating, growing, and simply enjoying themselves. But is this the case for every agency out there? Not quite.
If you take a closer look at what happens in the industry, you’ll spot a disruptive squad that does things differently. Download a playbook, where we’ve examined what they do and how they do it and now share the insights.

What’s inside?

REFOCUS: your guide to transforming into a digital agency 2.0

This playbook inspects the new norm at every stage of the workflow — from landing new business to everyday routine, to upselling. You’ll see how these new agencies have transformed their brand, approach, and processes to achieve next-level results. You’ll be able to reimagine yourself too and join the winning crowd.

Why is it time to change?

Jim Stewart
CEO at StewArt Media

Don’t rely on social, search, or marketplace sites for your audience. They can be switched off on a whim, and there’s nothing you can do about it for the most part.

The only thing you can rely on is your brand. That’s what you have to build.

Justin Grossman
CEO of meltmedia

Simultaneously, the services that were once lucrative for the digital marketing agencies – website and app development and design, for instance – have become commoditized as many brands opt to bring those in-house. To stay relevant and futureproof their business, digital agencies must adapt away from being solely tactical.

Forrester’s research shows that this shift-ready behavior is now common, and notably common for those in higher income brackets. On an economic point, it costs 5 times more to acquire a customer than to retain and enrich customers, but the majority of companies are failing to make the right kind of loyalty investment.

Traditional agencies of record are struggling to remain competitive and provide digital innovations that help brands deliver a memorable, personalized and deeply engaging customer experience.

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